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Asset management and monitoring have changed, learn how the latest technology can impact your business. 

Our Solutions


AntTail provides an easy solution to monitor temperatures of critical medicines and healthcare products with just a Bluetooth enabled smartphone across the entire coldchain and optional 4G gateway. Data is read out every 5 minutes to a secure, validated and encryped cloud with unlimited access to authorized users. Sensors can be used multiple times with battery life and data storage of 2 to 8 years.

For technical specifications click on the sensors.

Temperature Monitoring Sensor
Temperature Monitoring Sensor
Temperature Monitoring Sensor
Temperature Monitoring Software

Sentinel Next

Sentinel Next Wi-Fi Temperature and Environmental Monitoring Solution is a complete real time monitoring system for laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing sites, hospitals and a wide range of users demanding compliance and reliability. Requiring only a 2.4G Wi-Fi connection, alerts are generated by a cloud application and locally on the sensor. Easy to install , plug and play configuration by customers or Sentinel next staff, all sensors and probes are NIST certified in accordance to ISO 17025 and can be swapped to meet certification requirements.

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