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Selection of a Cold Chain Monitoring Solution Series #9: Sensor Specs

Cold Chain Monitoring Sensors

Mark Roemer:

For the tech people among us we have technical specs. Of course, they're on the AntTail and the Asset Monitoring Solutions websites as well. This is just a short bit of the facts. In the tech specs, we use the ANT to measure from - 40C to + 65C. It's very accurate and adapts very quickly to temperature changes in less than 10 minutes. We have a measurement interval that's fixed, collecting temperature data every five minutes. At low temperatures below -27C, we turn the radio off so the radio transmissions will not drain the battery. So the battery does not has the possibility to fail.

And if the battery fails, then the logging stops and we consider continuing to log more important than continuing to send out the data and below -27C, it stops logging. As soon as the temperature is above -27C, it starts sending the data out again. Then as soon as it finds another connectivity source, it will sync all the data to the back office. The sensor footprint for the ANT is 68 x 30 x 7 MM and can fit practically anywhere.

And this is the spec for the larger sensor we call RAT, also - 40C or -55C, the same low temperature radio transmission applies. At below -40C we turn off the radio. If your battery log-in continues to -55C, as it says here, it's factory-calibrated laser trained sensing element and below -55C it doesn't measure anymore because -55 is as low as temperature can be recorded. Both ANT and RAT are NIST certified.

So basically it cannot read below zero, therefore below -55C, it will not log data. If your temperature goes below -55C it will not be able to read a temperature and gives an error. The footprint is 93 x 70 x 27MM. So that's about the size of a package of cigarettes. This is IP 66. Both sensors have been approved for use in the air.



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