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Selection of a Cold Chain Monitoring Solution Series #8: Truck Monitoring

Cold Chain Truck Monitoring

Mark Roemer:

We can use our sensors for truck monitoring. Basically, you would use a RAT sensor because it has a very long battery life of over eight years and you do need to calibrate the stability of the sensor because it's digital. We guarantee the sensors accuracy not to float more than 0.06 degrees Celsius in 10 years. So basically a battery lifetime guarantees on the accuracy of the sensor. And of course, all the other advantages are still true. You can use a smartphone to read it. You can use a smartphone with an app to actually manage trips so you can use it instead of thermal prints on a truck. So that's another thing that's very interesting to use.

It's another advantage is if you enable the truck or trailer with our gateway. When you place pallets in the trailer that have boxes with our sensors, and those sensors are synchronized automatically as well. So you have them online and sending data every 5 minutes.

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