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Selection of a Cold Chain Monitoring Solution Series #7: Anti-Counterfeit

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

In this video, CEO and founder of AntTail, Mark Roemers discusses the anti-counterfeit aspect of AntTail's cold chain sensors. Not only do these sensors detect light, but their tamper-proof label comes with a strong adhesive with slits that prevent it from being removed. Listen below to hear more about the secure, anti-counterfeit components of this technology.

Anti-Counterfeit Cold Chain Sensors

Mark Roemer:

We've spoken about Anti-counterfeit and know that light seen by the Lux sensor detects the box being opened. If the box has been opened you need to be suspicious of what's in the box. If the box doesn't have the QR code already, we can have a secure label printed with the QR and that sticker has all the same anti-counterfeit measures as a banknote.

The tamper-proof label comes with a very strong adhesive with slits and it cannot be removed from the box without an obvious attempt. So, there's no way you can remove the sticker and put it on another box in this policy as a box that has not been opened. The combination of a unique barcode on the outside of the box and the sensor inside of the box make that box actually a unique vessel for logistics that cannot be changed or altered.

The same sensors can be used for truck monitoring. Basically, you would use our RAT because that has a very long battery life of over eight years, and you do not need to calibrate it because it's the stability of the sensor. It's digital and we guarantee it doesn't float more than 0.06 degrees Celsius in 10 years.

Battery lifetime guarantees the accuracy of the sensor and of course, all the other advantages are still true. You can use a smartphone to read it. You can use a smartphone with an app to actually manage trips so you can use it instead of thermo prints on a truck. So that's another thing that's very interesting to use.

Another advantage is if you enable the truck or trailer with a gateway to not only monitor the ambient environment, but if there are pallets with boxes with our sensors in the trailer they are synchronized automatically as well for online viewing and alert generation every 5 minutes.

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