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Selection of a Cold Chain Monitoring Solution Series #6: Box Monitoring & Shipment Reports

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Cold Chain Box Monitoring

Mark Roemer:

What do we offer in the end? It's only about one thing. That's the indisputable proof of delivery. So the shipment is finished the receiver reads scans the box. We can also detect whether or not the box has been opened before it's scanned. If the box is opened an hour before it's scanned and there's an excursion, it's immediately clear that the box has been already opened before it was actually scanned and the sensor was readout.

There's no discussion in that, the shipments report is instantly generated. If the box is scanned by the person who receives the box, the person who sends the box gets the shipments report at exactly the same moment as the person who received the box. So there's no information lag to any party. And since all the data is sent encrypted to the back office, there's absolutely no way people can manipulate it. It's indisputable proof of delivery. There's another way we can do this. If we have a fixed gateway at that location, we can allow this gateway to "receive the box."

As soon as the box enters the range of that gateway, we can say, this box is received and then we generate the shipping report. But in this case, for this particular instance, the party involved for whom we made this report chose to have their end customers really scan with an app as a white label app for that specific client of ours. They use the camera of the phone to scan the box and to generate the shipments report. You can find a nice movie about this on the Va-Q-Tech website and look for Va-Q they have this whole process in animation.

While we have previously talked about time out of storage, it is critical to know whether the shipment can or cannot be accepted. Another thing to remind you is many shipments go on across different time zones. When you generate the shipments report the report is generated in the time zone of the person who received the shipment report. But time is also reported in UTC zero. So there's no dispute about summer or winter time or whatever. Everything in the database is always UTC Zero. And another thing important to know is that all our sensors are synched to UTC zero automatically. So the sensors know the time and they log the time in their in flash memory.

This is the time of the storage budget, so you can see that it's within or over the budget. You will have a shipments report also has a graph, so you can always see what actually happened.

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