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Health Alliance Selects AntTail for Warehouse Continuous Temperature Mapping

AntTail supports new 63.000 m2 warehouse with monitoring and mapping solutions. The new ultramodern sustainable Alliance Healthcare Headquarters and Alloga warehouse ( adheres to all GDP-requirements and is supported by AntTail’s Continuous Monitoring Solution. This safeguards storage of pharmaceutical products with a controlled ambient temperature (15-25˚C), cooled (2-8˚C) and frozen (-20˚C). The monitoring solution is easy to install and data collection is wireless and fully automated. The sensors, with a battery life of 8 years, are maintenance free and do not require calibration during their lifetime. The generation of WHO compliant mapping reports is completely automated and available in minutes. The business case for using AntTail was very strong because of the massive manhour savings during qualification and no maintenance for 8 years. Find out more at: The new Alliance warehouse in Veghel will open summer 2022 and is developed by WDP - Warehouses with brains thanks for making the video available to us. View the video:

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