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Direct Insight via AntTail API’s

All Pharma companies involved in cold chain distribution wants to have an overview of the temperature status of their goods during storage and distribution. Control Towers and/or Company Cloud solutions should provide these overviews. Therefore, they require direct and automated access to temperature data when exceptions occurred. To exchange data smoothly, AntTail provides both standard API’s as well as dedicated API’s.

AntTail sensors can be used throughout the cold chain. Sensor data is collected automatically via

gateway or mobile apps and stored directly in the AntCloud. There, alarms are evaluated and

temperature or shipment reports are generated and sent directly to all stakeholders involved. To

manage this, each customer has their own portal, which can be customized.

AntTail also provides standard API’s which allows a Control Tower to configure and start

shipments or loggers. As a result, anytime the AntCloud detects or receives a relevant event from

sensor or mobile app, this event will be forwarded to the Control Tower via the event API.

Furthermore, the Control Tower can ask via an API call at any time the status, latest report or

temperature data. Beside the standard API’s, AntTail can also provide custom API’s, which helps the

integration process and enrich the knowledge and insight based on the available data.

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